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Bead Stopper is looking for established distributors in Europe including Germany. Please contact us for more information.

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Bead Stoppers make beading easy - get tips here

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

Attention Canada customers - Bead Stoppers are now available through our Canadian wholesaler - Please click here for more information

Bead Stoppers - Make beading projects easy! Bead Stoppers available in two sizes - Regular and Mini for small projects A few of the many secrets to using the Bead Stopper

Welcome to Bead Stopper

It’s the perfect beading accessory! Use the Bead Stopper to prevent beads from falling off the end of the strand. It saves your project from disaster. Don’t dare bead without it, and it's great for beading kits, too. Learn more here.

Stop the madness of losing beads!

You've worked for hours, and suddenly one mishap, and your work spills everywhere. Well no more! Introducing the Bead Stopper: your beading will never be the same.

Don't use alligator clips or sticky tape that will either make a mess out of everything you touch or crimp your stringing material. Instead use a Bead Stopper! The Bead Stopper will hold your work securely, and it won't fall off, even with a good tug. It will save you hours of precious time on your next beading project when it prevents a spill.

Keep your projects organized and neat. Make them easier to handle. The Bead Stopper makes a great "third hand" when you need to hold something tightly. You won't go wrong using the Bead Stopper with all of your beading projects. Order now.

Click here to watch Katie Hacker using the Bead Stopper.

Bead Stoppers in a Katie Hacker how-to video - please click here Watch Katie Hacker demonstrate several uses of the amazing Bead Stopper

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