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Bead Stoppers make beading easy - get tips here

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

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Testimonials about Bead Stopper

People everywhere are discovering the secret to beading that makes it easier than ever and avoids those nasty spills. Below are just a few comments we've received. You can find more about what's going around by visiting our Facebook page.

Comments from Bead Stopper customers

  • What a brill video of how to use the Bead Stopper. New to beading and bought mine and then hadn't a clue how to use it. Now I know and hopefully can ditch the horrid alligator clips have been using. Fab, many thanks!

    S. Gwilliam
    United Kingdom
  • Thank you so much for the free beadstoppers! I'm SO excited! They are seriously the BEST! The teacher of the first jewelry making class I took said tape was ok, I can't believe that any person teaching would say that! I LOVE Beadstoppers!

    Melanie S.
    Carrollton, Texas
  • Not only do I sell a lot of these in my bead store, but I am an avid user of Bead Stoppers. I use several of them at a time, especially when working on multi-strand pieces like this one:

    Laurel Iverson
    Art in the Village Beads
    New London, MN
  • The Bead Stopper is one of the greatest inventions for the beading world. Forget the tape, alligator clips, clothes pins, and anything else that is being used to secure beads. Apparently everyone who visits my studio feels the same way because my beadstoppers seem to be disappearing like "socks in a dryer." I just love 'em and cannot work without them. Count me in as one of your strong supporters!

    Debra Pitre-Hertz
    Dare to be Different Designs, LLC
    Pineville, Louisiana
  • Here's how I use your Bead Stoppers on the ends of a placement needle while working the Peyote Stitch. It holds the "up" beads up so my work won't twist until I've established a couple of rows. The Bead Stoppers also enclose the needle tip so I don't stick myself. They work fine!

    Leslie Rogalski
    Step-By-Step Beads
  • We "test drove" the sample Bead Stoppers you sent us. The only people who didn't like them are the folks who clean the studio...and get to keep everything they find on the floor after a class! Sorry, no spilled beads now!

    Marilynne Lipshutz
    Studio 34 Jewelry Arts Learning Center
    Rochester, New York
  • I love Beadstopper! It's my very best tool when working with my bracelets or necklaces. I have given sets of them to my friends and got my local bead shop to stock them for sale. I tell everyone about them. I would be never be without a Beadstopper!

    Marilyn Outler
    Schriever, Louisiana
  • The Bead Stopper is a must tool for any beader. I found the Bead Stopper about 8 months ago and now I can't live with out them. I beleive in the Bead Stopper so much that I have given them to other beaders and to my local Bead Store to try. All you have to do is look at the Bead Stopper and you realize how much this tool can do for you. Thank you!

    Cory Goyer
    Goyer's Designs
    Meadow Vista, California
  • We love the Bead Stoppers!

    Donna Hastings
    All About Beads
    Virginia Beach, VA.
  • May we order some more of your wonderful Bead Stoppers? Please send double what we ordered last time!

    Bead Bar Bead & Glass
    Orlando, FL
  • MAN-O-MAN, what an item! I am putting a check in the mail for my next order, tomorrow.

    Kathryn Reigel
    Kathryn's Beads
    DeLand, FL.
  • Jack, I love your Bead Stopper! Please send me 61 more packages. I think your Bead Stopper is the greatest invention EVER for beaders. I sell a ton of them!

    Ginger Morton
    Bead Crazy, LLC
    Williston, VT.
  • Thank you, thank you for coming up with this great idea! This afternoon I had an occasion to put your stopper to the real test! I had taken several unfinished necklaces to my neighbor's house to get her opinion on the colors and ideas. One them really caught her eye and she said she wanted it for herself, but could I make it longer? I was working off a spool of wire with one beadstopper at the end. We tried the necklace on and agreed upon the ideal length for her, so I simply used the beadstopper as both a stopper and a marker. She asked for my help in another room so without really thinking, I laid the necklace on the floor.

    When we returned to the room again, she didn't see the necklace and accidentally caught her foot in the wire pulling it off the spool for a good 10+ feet. The whole thing went flying -- spool, necklace and her! Here's the great news: The beadstopper prevented the necklace from going all over the place!! It stayed intact! Whew! I'd say that was the ultimate test! It held through one heck of a yank!

    Thanks again -- Lori H.
  • They're selling like crazy! Everyone loves them!

    Rachel Cobb
    Miner's Den
    Royal Oak, MI.

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