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Bead Stoppers make beading easy - get tips here

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

Bead Stoppers make beading easy

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Tips & Tricks with Bead Stopper

Have you some ideas for using the Bead Stopper. Please send them to us or share them on Facebook. If we select your tip to use on the website you'll win free Bead Stoppers. Thank you for visiting.

Here are several neat tips for using Bead Stopper

Use Bead Stopper to help keep a neat work area

To make all your beading projects more enjoyable keep a neat work surface. Bead Stopper can help with its many uses.

Bead Stoppers are inexpensive so you may have several. This is especially handy with multiple projects that you have going on simultaneously or at beading parties.

To open a Bead Stopper, simply squeeze and release

To open and close a Bead Stopper, simply squeeze the ears. It will bend and open the spring allowing you to slip your thread or wire in. Then relax the squeeze and the Bead Stopper goes to work - keeping you from spilling your beads. The Bead Stopper won’t leave a residue or crimp your stringing material

Use Bead Stopper to keep a small bag clipped shut

Something a lot of people don't think of . . .use the Bead Stopper to seal that small bag of even smaller beads that you would really like avoid spilling!

Choose Bead Stopper sizes based on the size of your work.

Choose the size of Bead Stopper depending upon what type of stringing material you’re using. Also choose the size of Bead Stopper depending upon what size of beads you’re using

Use Bead Stopper to help keep younger beaders having fun without the spills

Bead Stoppers are perfect for the beginning beader when accidental spills are more frequent. It helps keep beading fun, like it should be.

Use Bead Stopper to help in stitch patterns to hold the needles

Use Bead Stopper in stitch work. For example, in a Peyote stitch use the Bead Stopper directly on the needle to help hold the work in place and prevent beads from sliding off. Use Bead Stopper here instead of tape or alligator clips.

Use Bead Stopper to help with multiple strand designs

Use Bead Stopper on multiple strand designs – simply clip to each strand, or use one Bead Stopper to hold several strands together.

Use Bead Stopper to help organize your stitching needles.

Use Bead Stoppers to help store and easily access your beading needles. It keeps them organized by size and within easy reach.

The Bead Stopper package is reusable - simply slide and dispense

You can easily use the Bead Stopper package over and over as it’s designed to easily open and close. Simply slide the back card open and shut to retrieve another Bead Stopper.

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